Many Americans Have Anxiety Over Shopping In Person

As states begin the process of returning to some kind of normalcy, more and more stores will be open for business. But are people ready to shop?Maybe. A new poll finds:

  • Many Americans are feeling uneasy about going to stores, with 29% admitting they may never feel comfortable buying in person again.

So, what would make them feel comfortable to step in stores again?

  • For 19% of people, that won’t happen until they are personally vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Other requirements folks would need before shopping in-store again include:
    • When their state or local governments give approval (13%)
    • When everyone is wearing masks (10%)
    • When the federal government gives approval (9%)
    • Being personally tested for the virus (2%)
    • They're already comfortable shopping in stores (17%) 

Wearing masks does make some people feel safer being in public and while 88% of Americans are wearing them, 22% say they shop online mostly simply because they don’t want to wear them in a store.

  • But whether they like them or not, it does seem that most Americans are wearing face masks, at least in public.
    • 58% wear masks in stores
    • 51% wear them in crowds where they can't maintain six-foot social distancing
    • 41% wear masks when required by a business or government
    • 35% wear them every time they go outside
    • 24% wear masks at work
    • 10% never wear a mask