Quarantine Leading To A Spike In Divorces

The coronavirus lockdown has definitely been testing our collective patience. But for some relationships - especially those couples forced to spend every day locked up with their partner - things are seriously boiling over.

It seems all this quarantining together is making some couples realize theyshouldn’tstay together, with divorce lawyers across the country saying they’ve seen an increase in calls about couples ready to call it quits. 

“They’re getting a preview of what retirement may look like, and unfortunately for a lot of folks they’re finding they don’t really like it,”Jason Hopper,a divorce attorney in California, told KFMB. Just last month Hopper says he had about three straight weeks of 500 new consultations each week.

  • And he’s not alone. With some courts only allowing for emergency filings right now, Ohio lawyerAdam Vanhosays he’s been getting lots of calls from folks ready to move forward with a divorce. “People are starting to talk to attorneys already, saying, ‘I want to file when this is all over,’” he said.
  • And it’s not just the United States. According to reports, in March, when lockdowns were lifted in China, there was a spike in separations, with divorce filings reaching record highs in at least two cities.

Source:Miami Herald