Family's Lawn Sign for Daughter's 18th B-Day Goes VERY Wrong

That's one way to usher your kid into adulthood! A family's lawn sign celebrating their daughter's 18th birthday is going viral because it looks more like a big ol' welcome sign for an adults-only orgy. "My brother’s neighbor got a birthday sign in their yard and I’m DEAD," a Twitter user named Sara tweeted earlier this week alongside a pic of the sign, which is meant to read, "Happy 18th birthday, Morgyn." However, the first and last letters of Morgyn's name are inexplicably printed in a barely-there silvery hue, while the middle four letters--"ORGY"--are spelled out in bold black. Meanwhile, there's a plus-shaped symbol near "18th" which makes the whole thing appear to read, "18+ ORGY." One person replied to Sara's viral tweet, "Extremely irresponsible to host an 18+ birthday orgy during a pandemic," while another remarked, "I seriously stared at this for a solid 30 seconds, boggling at how proud someone was of their adult sex party, before noticing there were other letters." Read the story here