TRAVEL: What Hotels Will Look Like Post Pandemic

You might not be planning vacations anytime soon, but eventually we will be traveling again -- and that means staying at hotels. In order to keep guests and staff safe, many hotel chains will be implementing a lot of changes to prevent the spread of illnesses in general.

Here’s what hotel room will likely look like post pandemic:

No more minibars and coffee makers: A study back in 2015 found that these amenities are some of the germiest in the rooms.

Key cards will slowly phase out: If you’ve ever been to a Disney resort you know you can access your room with your phone, and some experts predict that door knobs will be replaced with automatic, touchless openers so you don’t have to touch knobs or handles.

No more desks: According to research from TravelMath, desks were among the germiest surfaces in rooms.

No more room service menus: Paper is difficult to clean – and likely never sanitized -- so expect room service and other menus to be replaced with digital options.

No more TV remotes: Simple phone apps will give you the same options without all the germs.

No more touch-controlled fixtures: Get ready to wave your hand in front of everything from light switches, to sinks, to toilet handles.

No more hot tubs– both in the room and by the pool. A 2011 study found that all residential hot tubs and 70% of public hot tubs were hot beds for bacteria. And a bunch of people crowded into a hotel hot tub raises the risk of contamination. (Best Life)