AT HOME: IKEA Releases Blueprints for Building Blanket Forts

Building blanket forts in the living room with your kids is the perfect stay-at-home activity, and now, thanks to IKEA, you can build an Instagram worthy fort that will be the envy of all your friends.Yeah, yeah, it’s for the kids, but you know ...

The furniture superstore has just releasedsix blueprintsfor building blanket forts. They vary in difficulty, and the blueprints all specify using IKEA products (of course), but it’s clearly not necessary. Just use the couches, pillows and blankets you have for a close approximation. The six styles are:

  • The Fortress: This square structure is actually built on the couch, so no floor space needed.
  • The House: This is your classic under-the-dining-room-table fort.
  • The Camping Tent: Looks just like an old school triangle tent.
  • The Cave: Built off the back of the couch, this is likely the easiest of the six.
  • The Wigwam: This TeePee will be a huge hit for a living room campout.
  • The Castle: You can fit the whole family inside this structure, but you’ll need a pretty big space to build it. (LadBible)