Fear Of Nightmares Are Keeping People From Falling Asleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is essential for good health, but it seems plenty of folks aren’t sleeping well, and the coronavirus crisis isn’t helping. 

A new survey finds:

  • 66% of Americans are desperate for a good night’s sleep.
  • It takes the average person 25 minutes to fall asleep, and they wind up getting only about six hours.
  • 80% of people say they are frustrated when they can’t fall asleep.
  • These days, 63% of people say the COVID-19 news cycle causes them to have a bad night’s sleep. 

Another big reason folks are having a bad night’s sleep is nightmares.

  • Half of folks say nightmares are responsible for them having a hard time falling a sleep.
  • American’s most common nightmare is being chased (40%).

Other top nightmares include:

  • Falling (36%)
  • Being attacked (31%)
  • Running late for something (29%)
  • Lost/trapped somewhere (29%)
  • Waking up late (27%)
  • Someone you love is dying (27%)
  • Visited by a deceased loved one (26%)
  • Dying (24%)
  • Partner leaving you (24%)

Of course, not all dreams are nightmares, and some may leave those who had them a little baffled.

  • 51% of those polled say they had a sex dream about someone other than their partner.
  • 42% say they’ve woken up annoyed with a person in their lives because of something they did in a dream.

Source:SWNS Digital