Grocery Stores Running Low on Mushrooms Because of the Pandemic

While demand for mushrooms began to spike during the early days of the pandemic, they are now in short supply across the nation, UPI reports. While shoppers pushed mushroom sales 37 percent higher during the first week of May than they were last year, many mushroom farmers had actually scaled back production because they'd lost all of the orders from the restaurant and service industries back in late March and early April. Since mushrooms have a growth cycle of 6 and 12 weeks, that production pullback has resulted in empty shelves in grocery stores. "Our guys were looking at how to 'right size' their operations," Harrison said. "They weren't sure at that point what retail was going to do, there was basically no food service and they were being told not to have workers too close together," said Lori Harrison of the American Mushroom Institute. However, with restaurants slowly beginning to re-open, growers are increasing production again. "It's not like a light switch you can turn on, and all of a sudden there are mushrooms. But this shortage is not going to last forever," Harrison said. Read more here