Americans Make 2,190 Excuses Each Year

Let’s face it, we all make excuses for things we aren’t doing, or don’t want to do. But just how many excuses are we all making? 

Well, according to a new survey:

  • The average American makes six excuses daily, which results in 2,190 excuses each year.
  • 35% of people make daily excuses to avoid exercising, while a third will make an excuse to avoid eating healthy.

Among the other things people make excuses for:

  • 33% have an excuse to run that errand next week.
  • 32% make an excuse for not having time to work out.
  • 31% claim they don’t have energy to cook a healthy meal.
  • 40% make excuses for buying something they didn’t need.
  • 36% make an excuse for binge watching TV.
  • 34% make excuses for not cleaning once a month.

As for what are the most common excuses people use for not doing what they should be doing, they include:

  • I’m too tired (49%)
  • I don’t have enough money (48%)
  • I don’t have enough time (48%)
  • It’s too inconvenient (31%)
  • I’m too forgetful (28%)

Source:SWNS Digital