Experts Say We All Need A “News Diet”

How many times a day do you check the news?For a lot of people, it’s once when you wake up, again before you start working, once more when you need a quick break, and again before lunch, and that’s all before noon. But for the most part, the news isn’t really new. The pandemic is still going on, the economy is still in crisis and we don’t really know when any of that will change.

So maybe it’s time to take a break from checking news and social media sites ALL the time looking for something to make us feel better? Thing is – you’re just as likely tosee something that makes you feel worse instead. And that’s why a “news diet” may be the fix we need. That doesn’t mean not checking it at all, but it does mean limiting it to once or twice a day.

If the thought of that sounds scary, we get it. It’s not easy to step back from all that information, but it’s probably a mental health break we all need. Being plugged in constantly can make it tougher to be productive, which only makes your workday take longer. Instead of scrolling for news or social media, try something that’s not full of speculation and doesn’t bring on anxiety, like reading or listening to the radio. And don’t worry, when there’s news you need to know, like a working vaccine or another round of stimulus money coming out, you’ll know about it.