Sleeping on Your Back is the Best Position to Prevent Wrinkles

Spending more time in bed than usual? Now might be a good time to train yourself to sleep on your back. According to dermatologists, it’s the best sleeping position to prevent wrinkles. In fact, if you are a stomach or side sleeper, you might actually be creating wrinkles that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

Side sleepers not only risk developing more wrinkles on the side of their face they prefer sleeping on, but they also risk developing wrinkles in their cleavage from excessive pressure put on the delicate skin of the chest and neck.

Stomach sleepers have it the worst, however. All that body weight pressure on your skin that is pushed up against the pillow for hours at a time can cause increased frown lines around the eyes and lips. And if you have the dreaded 11s between your eyes or forehead creases, the pressure will make them much worse.

The best sleeping position to keep your skin looking youthful is on your back, but if you absolutely can’t train yourself to do that, your next best bet is to sleep on your side and use a silk or satin pillow to try and minimize the effects. (Real Simple)