Pets Play A Huge Part In Buying A New Home

When it comes to buying a home, people take a lot of things into consideration, like whether it’s on a busy street or in a good school district. But apparently a lot of homebuyers also judge a home based on whether or not it’s good for their pets, and would even turn down a dream home if it wasn’t.

A new poll finds:

  • 68% of pet-owning homebuyers say they’d turn down a dream home if it wasn’t perfect for their pet.
  • Another 95% say their pet’s needs would be at least somewhat important when considering a home.
  • 84% said they’d be “extremely” or “very” important.
  • Less than 5% say pet's needs were not important at all.

So, what are the most important things to homebuyers when it comes to their pet’s needs?

  • A large back yard is the most important thing they are looking for (38%), followed by:
    • Any outdoor space (29%)
    • A garage (24%)
    • A dog run (22%)
    • Close proximity to outdoor spaces (21%)
    • Large square footage (20%)

And while you may think it’s mostly dog and cat owners worried about the needs of their pets, you’d actually be very mistaken.

  • It’s true, 87% of dog and cat owners say they pet’s needs are extremely or very important.
  • But it seems owners of other pets feel the same way, including:
    • 89% of bird owners
    • 85% of fish owners
    • 80% of reptile owners
    • 79% of rodent owners
    • 74% of horse owners

 Source:Yahoo Finance