Mom Accidentally Flashes Daughter’s Entire Class On Zoom

We’re all afraid we’ll get caught doing something embarrassing on a video call and it happened to one mom recently when her kid’s classmates saw her naked on Zoom.Ashley Foret Smithwas coming out of her bathroom after a shower and didn’t have any clothes on, she also didn’t know her daughter had come into her room for her Zoom call with her first grade class. It wasn’t until she heard little giggles and someone who wasn’t one of her three kids say “uh oh!” that she realized what happened.

Her seven-year-old had positioned her computer just so that the entire class got an eyeful of naked mom. After realizing she flashed them, she was mortified and panicked. Smith says she didn’t know what to do since this sort of thing isn’t covered in parenting books. She reached out to two teacher friends for advice on how to handle the situation and they suggested she share the story with the world to show it’s possible to be humiliated and laugh about it.

So that’s exactly what Smith did. The mom made a lightheartedvideorecounting the event and posted it on Facebook, where it’s gotten more than 1.7-million views. She says she hopes it encourages other parents to find the humor in tough situations and not to be too hard on themselves. “I hope other parents learn that it’s okay not to be perfect,” she explains. “We’re all doing our best to balance so many things right now.