Santa Fe School Donates Thousands In Supplies To Navajo Nation

Every spring, the Santa Fe Waldorf School in New Mexico takes their eighth graders on a class trip. The kids work hard to raise money for it and when this year’s trip was canceled due to the coronavirus, the students used the money for an act of kindness instead. They donated $2,800 worth of supplies to the Navajo Nation, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

The kids helped with shopping and loading the van with food, toiletries, paper products, school and cleaning supplies, pet food, thermometers, and drinking water - all paid for with the class trip money. They also sent a bag of homemade face masks.Jessica Falkenhagen, a parent of students at the school, drove the packed van to Window Rock, Arizona to deliver the goods.

While the students missed out on their river rafting adventure, they were happy to do a good deed instead. “It felt good to use our trip money to help others who need it,” explains eighth-grader Daisy Blue Russell.

Source:Good News Network