Teenagers Start Volunteer Delivery Service For Seniors Across The Country

Back in March, two teenage boys in Potamac, Maryland, started delivering groceries to their grandparents to help keep them safe -- and their efforts turned into a delivery service for senior citizens all across the country.

After a couple deliveries to their grandparents, 16-year-old Dhruv Pai and 15-year-old Matt Casertano, realized that other older people in their community could also use some help, so they started making more deliveries.

Then, they realized that older people across the country could use some help, so they started the groupTeens Helping Seniors-- and recruited young people from all over to get groceries, medicine and other supplies into the homes of those at the greatest risk of the coronavirus.

There are now 14 chapters across the country, from California to New York, with Dhruv and Matt working with all the volunteers, trying to make sure as many seniors as possible get the help they need. (The Washington Post)