Most Americans’ First Trip Will Be To Visit Family & Friends

Now that most states are starting to lift coronavirus stay-at-home orders, it seems a lot of folks are desperate to reconnect with family and friends.

A new survey finds:

  • 47% of Americans say their first post-coronavirus trip will be to visit family.
  • Another 14% say it will be to visit friends.
  • Florida is the most popular destination folks plan to visit (13%), followed by
    • California (12%)
    • New York (8%)
    • Texas (5%)
    • New Jersey (4%)

But vacations are certainly on a lot of folks’ mind, with many already planning their first leisure trip.

  • 17% have already started researching a potential destination.
  • 14% are looking into flights
  • 10% are looking into hotels.
  • Overall, Americans expect to spend $737 on their next trip, although that number will go up to $1,000 for Gen Xers.
  • 20% of folks plan to spend part of their stimulus check on travel. 

Source:Value Penguin