People Are Having Lots Of "Cheating" Dreams. Here's Why...

Are you dream cheating more these days?A new survey found that during these stay-at-home times people are having more sex dreams – and some of those dreams involve people that aren’t their current partner. 42% of respondents say they’ve had more vivid sexual or romantic dreams than usual, and 21% of respondents – 64% of whom are women -- say they’re having intimate dreams about someone else – specifically, an ex.

“Cheating dreams are very common, but it is usually the dreamer that is getting cheated on in their dreams,” says certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg. “Since COVID-19 began, I’ve been seeing more dreams where thedreamer is the cheater. And the most common person people have been cheating with in their dreams is their ex.”

Why the rise in cheat dreams?Loewenberg thinks that cheating on your partner in a dream might be a reaction to the constant togetherness couples have been experiencing lately. “Many no longer have that separate slice of life that’s all their own, the way they did when they went to work or when their partner went to work,” says Loewenberg. “The need for an escape gets stronger and stronger, and the cheating dream happens as a means of an escape. In these cases, the dreamer may find themselves hooking back up with a favorite ex.” (Well + Good)