Even Pets Have Gained Weight During Quarantine

Seems humans aren’t the only ones packing on the pounds these days …According to a new survey by Wakefield Research for Banfield Pet Hospital, 33% of pets have also added some LBs since we started staying home in March. 25% of pet owners surveyed said their pets gained “a little weight.” 8% said their pets “gained a lot of weight.”

It makes sense. We’re all snacking more because we’re home more, and pet owners are giving their pets more snacks than usual as well. 40% of pet owners surveyed admitted they are feeding their pets more treats since COVID-19 hit.

“With owners spending increased time with their cats and dogs during quarantine, they may be showing affection with food more often,” Banfield veterinarian Dr. Heidi Cooley told theNY Post. “Overfeeding, not providing enough exercise, and giving too many treats are all things that can lead to weight gain in pets.”