Poison Control Centers Slammed as Americans Misuse Disinfectants

A new survey reveals that more than a third of Americans have misused disinfectants while trying to protect themselves from the coronavirus, Reuters reports. The survey was taken shortly after President Donald Trump publicly asked whether injecting such products could treat COVID-19. The high-risk behaviors included using the products on bare skin, intentionally inhaling or ingesting them, or washing food products with bleach, according to the survey taken by the CDC. After Trump's announcement, makers of the products were compelled to urge users not to ingest the products, but despite those warnings, poison control centers saw a "sharp increase" in calls from those who had ingested them. 39 percent of surveyed respondents admitted to intentionally engaging in at least one high-risk practice not recommended by the CDC, and four percent said they had actually gargled with diluted bleach solutions, soapy water or disinfectants. 25 percent said they'd had an adverse health reaction they believed resulted from using these products.