Feds Officially Move To Speak With Prince Andrew Over Epstein Investigation

Federal officials are now asking to speak with Prince Andrew as part of the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein investigation. They say the Duke of York has failed to respond to inquiries made by the Justice Department.

Andrew stands accused of having sex with a then-17-year-old Virginia Louise Giuffre- an encounter at least arranged by Epstein, but one she says was forced by Epstein. As you might recall that Andrew promised cooperation during his infamously bad BBC interview. His lawyers also claim that Andrew has offered assistance to prosecutors on "at least three occasions this year."

U.S. Attorney General Geoffrey Berman, on the other hand, claims that he is trying to "falsely portray" his cooperation. "If Prince Andrew is, in fact, serious about cooperating with the ongoing federal investigation," Berman notes. "Our doors remain open, and we await word of when we should expect him."

Source: USA Today