Parents Changed Teens’ Autocorrect To Get Them To Stop Swearing

No matter how hard parents try, most kids are likely going to start swearing at some point. And while mom and dad may be able to call them out on it when they swear out loud, that’s not necessarily the case when they do it while texting. But one set of parents have figured out a way to stop their kids from swearing via text, although some folks are calling it a bit “controlling.” 

A mom of three recently shared her easy hack to stop her kids from swearing via her TikTok channel. The mom, Melanie, and her husband Alex, say that since they have access to their teens’ phones they decided to go in and adjust their autocorrect, so now every time they use a swear in a text they’ll get a message suggesting a different option. “Our kids' texts have been getting a little too spicy,” she shared. “So my husband updated their autocorrect to gently remind them."

For example, if they try to text “f**k,” they’ll get the message "Sweet daughter, please stop using this word. Luv, Dad." If they try to type “sh*t,” the message will read "You're a sweet girl. Try 'sugar' instead. Luv, Dad,” while if they try to type Jesus, the comment comes back, “'Were you praying to me?' - Jesus"

  • While the post got 162,000 likes on TikTok, not everyone was down with the parents’ actions.
  • As one noted, "That's called being controlling,” while another added, "I get it if they don’t want their kids to cuss but going through their teens' text messages is over the top."
  • But apparently the kids actually didn’t mind their parents’ intrusion.
  • "Our kids thought it was hilarious,” Melanie’s husband shared. “Have to get inventive as parents sometimes to make a point. Don’t take everything so seriously.” 

Source:The Sun