Most People Won’t Date Someone With Differing Political Views

When looking for love, you and your significant other aren’t likely to agree on everything, but, according to a new poll, there’s at least one difference that’s a total deal breaker for most people, and it’s probably not at all that surprising.

  • A new poll finds that differing political views can end a relationship before it even gets started.
  • 84% of singles say they would never date someone who didn’t have the same political views as them.
  • 67% of those who say that were female, while 17% were male.
  • 67% of users have ended a relationship over differing political views.
  • 72% of those on the site would rather know you voted than who you voted for.
  • Interestingly, the site says they’ve seen a 43% increase in political discussions on the platform.
  • Yet, more than half of those polled said bringing up politics is a turn off, which would result in them ghosting someone.

Of course, you have to bring up the subject at some point if you want to make sure the person you’re about to date has the same views as you do. So, how do you do it? Well, the site suggests: 

  • Don’t be defensive– It’s not nice to make a person feel attacked.
  • Make sure the timing is right– It’s better that it comes up naturally then to jump right into a discussion.
  • Be open and ask questions– If you and a match don’t have the same views, try hearing them out instead of just dismissing them. 

Source:Financial Content