New Study Proves That Masks Work

A new study rom Cambridge and Greenwich universities in the UK has revealed that the best way to prevent a second wave of coronavirus is to wear a mask.

In fact, the research found that if 100% of the population wears a mask it would not only prevent a second wave -- but would keep COVID-19 from resurfacing long enough for a vaccine to be developed.

“There is a common perception that wearing a face mask means you consider others a danger,” says Professor John Colvin of the University of Greenwich. “In fact, by wearing a mask you are primarily protecting others from yourself. Cultural and even political issues may stop people wearing face masks, so the message needs to be clear: my mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

“We have little to lose from the widespread adoption of face masks, but the gains could be significant,” added study co-author Dr. Renata Retkute.