People Will Wait This Long Before Turning On The A/C

Summer officially starts this weekend, and as most people have noticed it’s certainly been getting hotter and hotter. Of course, air conditioning makes things so much better during these warmer months, but it turns out some folks are a little hesitant to turn up the A/C.

A new survey finds:

  • Folks will actually suffer through five sleepless, sweaty nights before finally giving in and turning on the A/C.
  • 67% actually think they can beat the heat, which usually isn’t true.
  • 55% of Americans admit to feeling “defeated” when they finally have to turn the air conditioner on.
  • One in seven Americans actually hold out until August before finally giving into the air conditioner.

As anyone can tell you, the temperature of a room can be the subject of many fights.

  • In act, almost 25% of people say that they have ended a friendship because of an argument over a thermostat.
  • What’s more, almost half of Americans would never date someone who didn’t share their thermostat etiquette.

Interestingly, the survey also looked into the subject of weather, mainly how often people talk about it.

  • 69% of Americans say it’s their go-to topic when making small talk.
  • The average person will endure 1,095 boring conversations about the weather in a year.
  • Americans will also spend 256 hours, the equivalent of more than 10 full days, sharing the latest and anticipated forecasts.
  • The average person will also check the weather about four times in one day. 

Source:SWNS Digital