Study: Men & Women Unsure What Opposite Sex Finds Attractive

We all have our own ideas about what potential partners may be attracted to, but according to new research, we’re probably wrong. A newstudyfrom the University of St. Andrews in the U.K. finds that both men and women have misconceptions when it comes to what the opposite sex want in a partner.

For the study, 169 straight adults between 18 and 26 years old were asked to describe what their current body type is and then, using an app, they were told to manipulate and morph the images of the other gender to look like the body type they prefer. So men designed a female body to show what they found attractive and women did the same for men. They also did it for their own gender, to show what they assumed the opposite gender was looking for in a body type.

And it turns out, both men and women got it wrong about what the other gender is into. Men thought women wanted someone more muscular and women thought men wanted someone thinner. In short? It seems we’re all a little too hard on ourselves when it comes to what we think a potential partner is attracted to most. Study authors believe correcting these misconceptions “might help to prevent and treat eating disorders or body dissatisfaction among young men and women.”

Source:Mind Body Green