Husband Surprises Wife For Anniversary 10 Months After He Dies

WhenAlyssa Mendozasaw an email in her inbox from her dad who had died nearly a year before, she says she was “initially scared.” She was confused why there was an email from him 10 months after his death, but she decided to open it and his message left her in tears. Her father,BingMendoza, scheduled the email to be delivered at that time and it was full of instructions for her to organize a 25th anniversary celebration for her mom.

Bing passed away of chronic kidney disease after planning all the details he wanted his daughter to carry out, in case he wasn’t around to do it himself. He had made arrangements with a florist and paid in advance for his wife’s favorite flowers and his email included a letter he wrote to her to make sure she would be okay after his death. Alyssa got the white roses as requested and followed her dad’s directions, surprising her mom with those and balloons and she had the couple’s favorite song playing in the background.

Her mother was moved to tears by the anniversary surprise and Alyssa says she now knows that her dad’s love for her mom was “definitely immeasurable.” The proud daughter adds, “He may not be here anymore, but he still found a way to make my mom feel his love.”