Tattoo Parlor Covers Hate Symbols For Free

A tattoo parlor in Kentucky will cover offensive and gang-related ink for free.

Jennie Tuckerwas still in high school when she got the Confederate flag tattooed on her ankle. She confessed to getting the tattoo nearly a decade ago in defiance. Her father prohibited Jennie from getting inked.

She visitedGallery X Art Collectiveto cover it with aRick and Mortycharacter. They didn’t ask questions nor charge her a penny. Jennie wrote at the parlor’s Facebook page, (quote) “I’m so happy with the cover up and everything you guys are doing. Pickle Rick will bring so much more joy than that rebel flag.”

There’s just one catch: Your free tattoo must be one drawn by artistsJeremiah SwiftandRyun King. They said more than 500 people have contacted them for the special deal, which promises to “start your path to being the person you were meant to be.” (