Study: Cats Could Be Key To Beating Loneliness

Nobody wants to turn into the old lady with all the cats, but it turns out, these women may be onto something. New research from the U.K. finds interacting with cats could help us avoid feeling lonely. The study, which was published to tie in with Loneliness Awareness Week, encourages people who are struggling with loneliness to spend more time with cats – whether it’s through volunteering, fostering, or helping at an animal shelter.

“Tackling loneliness is a priority health issue facing many,” saysSheryll Murrayof theAll-Party Parliamentary Group on Cats, the group behind the research. She explains that as a cat owner, she knows first hand how much their companionship adds happiness to her life and now she’s “delighted” to have the recommendations in this research be able to help more people. There’s no simple cure for loneliness, but if spending time with cats can help, it’s an easy fix that could help lots of people.