Man Chooses Funko Pop “Passion” Over Wife

There are plenty of people out there who like to collect things, but it seems one man’s collectable hobby has caused a big rift in his marriage, and he’s pretty much shocked the Internet with how he chose to resolve it.

The man recently shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum, that loves buying Funko Pops, you know those cute figurines with big heads that are made for all sorts of popular characters. He says it initially started as a “small interest,” but soon “became a passion,” and since he first started six years ago he’s collected thousands of them. 

He notes that he’s been collecting them since before he met his wife and she was well aware of his passion, and would even help him, buying him Funko Pops for birthdays and Christmas. But recently her opinion of his passion has changed. He and his wife got into a huge fight about how much money he’s been spending on the figurines. It seems he’s been spending about $500 a month on them, but insists it’s not a financial burden since he and his wife make a good amount of money.

But the wife disagrees, and started insisting he cut down on his Funko spending, which he thinks is “ridiculous." She argued that they were going into debt, and he said she was “overreacting,” which led the wife to move to her sister's until they could “sort things out.” The wife kept insisting he had to cut back on his obsession, but the OP still refused, and then the wife dropped the bomb – either the OP cut back on his collecting or they were getting a divorce. And believe it or not, the guy chose the Funko Pops over his wife, writing, “I’m not going to let her get in the way of my passion.”

Well, folks on social media had some definite thoughts on this situation, but the responses were kind of a mixed bag.

Jo est très Fatty-Gay maintenant.@TimeIsNotGiven
Replying to @AITA_reddit
NAH if you feel like your collection is more important than your wife then that's your business. At the same time I would also have an issue with my SO spending $500/mth on a collection. She tried to comprise & you made your decision clear. Hopefully it makes you happy.
9:39 AM - Jun 20, 2020
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Mal😎HR @ Magnus Institute@noloryno
Replying to @AITA_reddit
Without having read this: FUNKO POPS?!?! That’s your interest??!?! That you choose over a wife who loves you?!!!?
9:32 AM - Jun 20, 2020
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Sir Bayou William III@TheDuckMane
Replying to @AITA_reddit
Getting strong "this picture" energy except it's just the guy.
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9:31 AM - Jun 20, 2020
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Replying to @AITA_reddit
$500 A MONTH???? Where are you storing them???? Where do they all go???
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9:33 AM - Jun 20, 2020
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Supernova Girl✨@xstar_girl
Replying to @AITA_reddit
You’re buying like 50 of them a month, you seriously couldn’t compromise at all?? Where are you keeping them? I have like 50 of these things & can barely store them. Yes, YTA, for being unable to compromise to the point you’re choosing plastic over your wife.
9:53 AM - Jun 20, 2020
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Me after I see why Funko Pops are trending and it’s just some bum choosing on spending thousands of dollars on funkos over his marriage 💀
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12:06 PM - Jun 20, 2020
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