Customer Complains About Waiter’s Anti-Racist Shirt, Bosses Buy Them...

A restaurant worker's show of support for racial equality almost got him in trouble at work, but instead his place of business showed him their support in a pretty amazing way. 

A waiter name Bryan at The Charter House in Alaska shared via Twitter that a customer where he works recently left a negative review for his place of business because of the shirt he was wearing. The shirt simply read “Hi. Don't be racist. Thanks."

Well, apparently the customer took issue with it, and posted their negative review on Facebook, writing, "Really enjoyed your food and service but this is a business and as a customer I'd prefer not to have your employees ideologies plastered on his T-shirt.” They also added, “This isn't a professional shirt for work and will be the last time I visit your establishment. I know my patronage alone won't effect you but good luck with your social justice warrior campaign." 

Bryan first reported that his bosses were no longer letting him wear the shirt anymore, but he soon let everyone know he was mistaken. His bosses were actually upset at the customer over the negative review, and encouraged Bryan to keep wearing it. In fact, Bryan notes, “My bosses are ordering a bunch of the shirts so that everyone in the restaurant can have one. Stay tuned for a group pic in a few weeks when they come in.” 

Source:The Mirror