Americans Find Comfort In Their Cars During Quarantine

Being stuck in the house all day during coronavirus quarantine, especially with kids, can certainly leave folks on edge, and according to a new report, many people found refuge from that stress in their vehicles.

A new survey finds:

  • 80% of Americans say they feel safe in their cars right now vs. any other types of transportation.
  • 75% say they used their car as a mental health escape during quarantine.
  • 30% took a mini-break by driving around the neighborhood.
  • 24% took long drives to clear their head.
  • 16% simply sat in their car outside their house listening to music or audiobooks.
  • Folks even used their cars to do good, with 21% of both Democrats and Republicans saying they used their cars to deliver groceries to family/friends/neighbors in need.

And while Americans may feel safe in their cars, the opposite is true for public transportation.

  • 55% of Americans fear riding busses, while 49% are worried about getting into rideshares/taxis.
  • What they would need to feel more comfortable riding in public transportation includes:
    • A vaccine (47%)
    • Touchless hand-sanitizing dispenser (38%)
    • Mandatory face masks/shields (37%)
    • New touchless services (30%)
    • New touchless gadgets/tools (26%)
    • Temperature screening processes at airports (25%)
    • Saying goodbye to the middle seat forever (20%)