Most Americans Haven’t Cleaned Up Their Desktop In Three Years

These days most of us spend a good portion of our day on our computers, but it seems not many of us are keeping our tech all that organized. A new survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction withWestern Digital finds:

  • The average American hasn’t organized their desktop in three years.
  • Half of Americans would actually rather clean their entire house than spend an hour cleaning and organizing their devices.
  • And it certainly sounds like most people need to take that time, with 62% of people saying their desktops are “very cluttered."
  • So, why are folks so reluctant to organize their devices?
    • 51% worry about losing photos and videos.
    • 49% of people worry they’ll lose their passwords.
    • 46% worry about deleting things they’ll need later.
    • 36% like knowing where everything is right now.
    • 31% say it’s time-consuming.
    • 26% say it’s such a mess; there’s no hope for it.

But it sounds like folks really need to take the time to focus on cleaning up their computers.

  • 71% of those polled say having a messy desktop stresses them out.
  • 67% actually have files stored on their devices that they’ve totally forgotten about. 

Source:SWNS Digital