Happy Tears Alert! Here's "Just The Good Stuff"


After being furloughed from her job at a menswear store, Michelle Brenner of Gig Harbor, Washington wanted to make the most of her time off, so she started making lasagna for those in need.

Michelle used her $1200 stimulus check to buy ingredients -- and then got to work, both making the lasagna and asking friends and family members for names of people who could use a boost.

From those humble beginnings, Michelle became known as “Lasagna Lady.” And over the past three months, she has continued to collect donations, buy ingredients and assemble “real Italian homemade” pans of the stuff -- delivering a staggering 1200 pans so far.

About eight hours a day, seven days a week, she helps feed people in her community, including hospital workers, first responders and parents struggling without paychecks.

Michelle is happy to be productive while waiting to get back to work -- and explained that while she can’t change the world, she can make lasagna. (Houston Chronicle)

GoFundMe Raises $40K So Elderly Ice Cream Man Can Retire

On Father’s Day, a family bought all of an elderly ice cream seller’s paletas, which are Mexican ice pops, so he could stop working and go spend the day with his family. A video showing 70-year-oldDon Rosariobreaking down over the act of kindness has gone viral and been viewed more than five-million times onTikTok. And now people from all over are stepping up to help him.

AGoFundMeretirement account for the ice cream man who walks the streets of Chicago with a refrigerated cart has donations pouring in. In one day, the fundraiser brought in nearly $40-thousand to help Rosario retire. “The money raised will hopefully allow him to no longer have to work in the heat,” the site explains.

Source:Inside Edition

Over $25K Raised For Barista Who Refused To Serve Non Mask Wearer

Over $25-thousand has been raised for a Starbucks barista after a customer posted on Facebook that the worker refused to serve her because she wasn’t wearing a mask. AGoFundMeset up for the employee, identified asLenin Guiterrez, had received donations from over 2-thousand donors just days after it was started.

The fundraiser was set up after the post fromAmber Lynn Gilles, who wrote that Lenin wouldn’t serve her because she wasn’t wearing a face mask, which defied guidelines in San Diego County.Matt Cowancreated the GoFundMe for Lenin, writing that they were raising money for “his honorable effort standing his ground when faced with a Karen in the wild.”

"Everybody is rallying around somebody for doing what they’re supposed to do and trying to protect everyone else," he added. "It just goes to show you there are a lot of good people out there and that outweighs the bad."

Source:The Hill