How To Prep Your Pets For Fireworks!

You’ve probably noticed that fireworks are going off pretty much every night. It’s that time of year. If you have a dog that gets stressed during fireworks, it can be unsettling trying to keep him calm. According to vets, here are some tips to help you and your dog navigate these loud noises:

Create a safe space for your furry friend: Choose a small space inside your house where the noise is muffled. Put your dog’s bed and favorite toys in the space so it’s comforting for him or her to escape to.

Play calming music: Just search YouTube and you’ll find countless playlists just for your pet. The music can also help drown out a particularly loud display or professional finale.

Turn on fans and close windows: Fans can help drown out the sound.

Make sure your dog can’t escape and don’t leave him or her home alone: Your pup might become so stressed that he or she will try to run away. The highest number of reported missing dogs always happens on July 4th weekend. 

Talk to your vet and consider medication or a comfort aid like aThunderShirt: Some dogs need more comfort than their owner can provide. Be proactive and talk to your vet before an upcoming fireworks display in your town. (BHG)