Ladies, We're Brushing Our Hair All Wrong!

A woman’s hair is very important to her, whether it’s the style, color or even texture. But according to a new survey, it seems most gals aren’t taking care of their hair the way they should be, and they’re making some simple mistakes that could be ruining it.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 40% of women admit they didn’t know certain things could damage their hair, like brushing too hard or too soft.
    • Among the top ways women are brushing their hair wrong include:
    • Avoiding brushing when it's wet over fears this will break the hair
    • Brushing too hard
    • Brushing from the scalp downwards
    • Using an old and worn hairbrush
    • Using a hairbrush that isn’t specifically for detangling
    • Sharing a hairbrush
    • Ripping out big knots / tangles
    • Not using a hairbrush specifically for their hair type
    • Using a hairbrush that doesn’t have flexible teeth / bristles
    • Using one hairbrush for everything
  • When it comes to hairbrushes, experts say you should be using different combs and tools for different hair tasks.
  • But it turns out, three quarters of women use the same brush for all their hair needs.
  • More than half of women admit they don’t know if they are using he right brush for their hair.
  • The average American updates their hairbrush every three years.
  •  As for women’s biggest hair worries, the top concerns iclude:
    • Split ends (40%)
    • Frizz (34%)
    • Thinning (29%)

Source:SWNS Digital