Large Scale Plasma Collection Underway

Nearly one million Americans have recovered from COVID-19. Health officials seek half of them to donate their antibody-rich blood plasma.

There’s an urgency, right now, as most states have seen a surge of positive COVID cases. A spokesperson from the Health and Human Services agency said, (quote) “We are looking to collect as much ‘convalescent plasma’ without impacting normal blood collections.”

The Food and Drug Administration and Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic are spear-heading this blood drive. Collecting convalescent plasma takes more time than a typical blood donation. Only antibody-rich liquid is collected while the donor retains white and red blood cells.

Treating patients with a transfusion of COVID antibodies has shown some success. Though, it’s still experimental and just one avenue to treat the sickest cases. More than 28,000 patients have been transfused with convalescent plasma. (The Wall Street Journal)