The "In Shower" Happy Hour Is America's New Pandemic Activity!

Move over, walktails:The Wall Street Journal reports that shower cocktails are the (very) hot, new pandemic drinking trend. When Bart Higgins' work-from-home schedule filled his morning to the point where he couldn't find time to bathe, he moved his daily shower to late afternoon, and decided to multi-task by enjoying his happy hour under the steamy stream of water as well. "The shower is my speakeasy cocktail bar," says Higgins, whose "showtail" of choice it a tequila-soda with muddled mint and lime. AsThe Journalputs it, after an in-shower happy hour, "you emerge from the mini-spa of your bathroom in a pleasantly altered state, muscles relaxed by hot water and the loosening effects of a cold drink, a kind of one-two caress. It’s a small but effective luxury that marks the transition from working at home to chilling at home." Read it here