Thousands to Walk Off the Job on July 20 for "Strike for Black Lives"

Tens of thousands of workers in 25 cities plan to walk off their jobs on July 20, according to the AP. The "Strike for Black Lives" was organized by labor unions and social justice organizations. The strike seeks to unite people against police brutality and systemic racism and poverty. Marches will take place all day, but people who cannot stay out of work for an entire day will walk off the job for eight minutes, about the amount of time a police officer held his knee on the neck of George Floyd. Those striking hope to also urge action by corporations to support Black Lives Matter, address salary discrepancies between the races and work on systemic poverty. “If in fact we are going to take on police violence that kills, then certainly we have to take on economic violence that also kills,” said Reverend William Barber II, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign. “We’re taking action because words are no longer bringing the results that we need,” said one McDonald's worker. “Now is the moment to see changes.”  Read more here