Insanely Creepy Oregon Fixer-Upper Listed on Zillow Goes Viral

If you've got $170,000 and maybe a few garlic necklaces lying around, then you can become the proud owner of a fixer-upper home in Oregon that was seemingly possessed by demons. This week, a listing for the four-bedroom property in the city of Salem went viral thanks to a Zillow listing that shows someExorcist-like messages scrawled in paint on the walls. One reads, "There is no vision here. Nothing to corrupt the eyes," while another declares, "Find him," alongside an arrow that points to a bizarre hole along the floor. For good measure, the wall next to the basement steps also features a Satanic star. Not surprisingly, the listing's gone viral on Twitter. One Twitter user joked that the listing "brings a whole new meaning to a property having 'good bones,'" while another bragged, "I could flip this home easily, by pouring holy water on the foundation." Read more here