Officials: Naya Rivera Presumed Dead

Naya Rivera went missing during a boating excursion at Lake Piru [[PIE-roo]] in California's Ventura County on Wednesday afternoon. To review, she and her four-year-old son,Josey, headed out on rented pontoon boat. Hours later, the vessel was found drifting at the north end of the lake - and little Josey was found aboard alone.

He reported that they'd both gone swimming, but that she never returned. And tragically, authorities have now confirmed that she is presumed dead. According to Ventura County Sheriff DeputyChris Dyer, initial search and rescue efforts for the “Glee” star have shifted to a recovery mission. He added, “The goal is still to bring Miss Rivera home to her family."

Unfortunately, police say that itmay be impossible to retrieve Naya’s bodybecause the visibility at Lake Piru is terrible. “There [are] a lot of trees and plants and such that are under the water that can cause entanglement," Ventura County Sheriff’s Office SergeantKevin Donoghue said in a press conference. "It makes it unsafe for divers and a complicated search. If the body is entangled in something underneath the water, it may never come up.” 

  • At this point, there’s no evidence that Naya made it back to the shore. They looked for clues like personal items and footprints that would indicate she made it out alive. Since those haven’t been found, they’re focusing on the water. Her car was at the scene and her purse and ID were on the boat. They’re also considering whether she suffered a medical emergency. 
  • Meanwhile, Naya’s ex-husband,Ryan Dorsey, has their son. The two wereseen leaving his Los Angeles home.
  • ONE MORE THING!Whenever celebrities pass, there are often ironic moments from their past roles that resurface. This is no different. In this case, however, it’s a “Glee” clip from season five. In the episode – dubbed “The Quarterback” – the gleeks celebrated the life of character Finn Hudson, but also, the late actor Cory Monteith. Get your hankies out – it’s Rivera performing a version ofThe Band Perry’s “If I Die Young.” It’s epic, beautiful, heartbreaking....and you can see it on the right.
  • Naya has become the third member of the “Glee” cast to meet a young and unfortunate end. To review,Cory Monteithdied of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose in 2013, and Naya’s ex-boyfriendMark Sallingcommitted suicide in 2018 after pleading guilty to possession of child porn in 2017. An insider said that theshow is overshadowed by gloom. “I don’t know if I would say it was cursed, but it’s unfortunate for most of them,” the source noted. “The things that have happened with some of the cast…it’s very sad.”