Street Lights May Harm Teen Sleep Habits & Mental Health, Study Says

A new study published Wednesday in the journalJAMA Psychiatry, suggests that street lights may be creating sleeplessness and mood disorders in teens, UPI reports. The study examined 10,000 American kids aged 13 to 18, and found that teens living in areas with a lot of artificial outdoor lighting at night went to bed 29 minutes later, and got 11 minutes less sleep at night than teens in areas with low outdoor lighting. The study also found that the artificial light created a greater risk of mood or anxiety disorders with the teens. Researcher Kathleen Merikangas said the lighting was only "one factor" associated with the risk, but believes it could be "an important target for prevention and interventions in adolescent health." Researchers said the lights sometimes disrupt circadian rhythm, which can increase risk of the disorders. Neuropsychologist Brittany LeMonda said the use of blackout curtains and other simple methods could "hopefully improve sleep patterns and health outcomes." Read more here