Ghislane Maxwell Had Phone Wrapped In Tinfoil, Was Going To Run

Tuesday morning,Ghislaine[pr: ghee-LANE]Maxwellwill be arraigned on six federal charges including sex trafficking, conspiring to recruit and sexually abuse minors. More than one of her victims will testify at the hearing.

The alleged madam ofJeffrey Epsteindodged authorities for years before her arrest two weeks ago. During a search of her sprawling New Hampshire estate, FBI agents discovered a cellphone wrapped in tinfoil. Maxwell mistakenly believed Reynolds foil wrap could help “evade detection by law enforcement.”

Maxwell has been held without bail. Her attorneys asked a judge to reconsider. She’s willing to offer $3 million in property as collateral. Prosecutors warned against bail. Maxwell is a French citizen and “an extreme risk of flight.” (The Wrap)

Maxwell could be sentenced to 35 years in prison. The 58-year-old may attempt to save herself. She’s believed to be the living “black book” of Jeffrey Epstein. Also, authorities think she might possess secret sex videos of her victims with powerful men. A source claimed, (quote) “She has copies of everything Epstein had. Maxwell socked away thumb drives. She knows where all the bodies are buried.” (Daily Mail)