New Dating App For People Who Have Or Want Kids

There are more than13-million single parentsin the U.S. and half of people between the ages of 20 and 45report wanting children,but that’s not really what you want to start a Tinder conversation off with. So for these single parents and folks who want to be parents, finding matches on dating apps can be challenging. But now there’s a new one out that was created specifically for them. It’s calledheybabyand it’s an app for people with kids or who want kids.

It was even founded by three dads -Diko Daghlian, Chas McFeelyandRene Van De Zande- and their idea was to create an app that takes away the anxiety that comes with trying to find a partner with similar life plans. When users sign up for heybaby, they answer questions about their family and what they want in the future, like if they have kids and if they want more. They also answer questions about work life and travel preferences, to try to find a good match on multiple levels. The creators hope this helps to connect people who have compatible approaches to parenting - not just people who have or want kids.

“As much as we’re looking to create love between two people,” Daghlian explains, “we’re also looking to create happy and healthy families for life.”