Study Says Kindness Helps the Giver More

Nearly 3,000 years ago, the Greek storyteller namedAesop[pr: AY-sop] once said, (quote) “No act of kindness — however small — is ever wasted.”

The same is true in the 21st century. Random acts of kindness improve two lives: Both the receiver and the giver.

According to journalistPam Sohn,research has shown that humans are “hard-wired to be kind because acts of kindness make us feel better.” Healthier, too. Just not emotionally but also physically. Your body releases feel-good hormones that boost the immune system.

However, when we feel threatened by something like a virus, humans switch to anger and cruelty. You can see that today on social media. So-called “Karens” act out. Then they’re shamed because videos are shared on social media of their rage. Be less like Karen and more like Aesop. (Chattanooga Times-Free Press)