Netflix Names Its 10 Most Popular Movies

Getting tired of scrolling through Netflix looking for the perfect movie? In a rare move, the streaming giant has revealed its 10 most popular movies.

TheChris Hemsworthaction flick “Extraction,” which came out just this year, tops the list with 99-million views in its first four weeks of release.Sandra Bullock’sdystopian thriller “Bird Box” is the second-most-popular, raking in 89-million views, followed by the star-studded murder mystery “Spenser Confidential” with 85-million streams.

Filling out the rest of the top 10 isMartin Scorsese’s“The Irishman,” along with hits like Ryan Reynolds’“6 Underground,” “Triple Frontier,” andAdam SandlerandJennifer Aniston’s“Murder Mystery.” Award-winners like “Marriage Story” and “Roma” failed to make the list.Check out the top 10 below.

Netflix’s Top 10 Blockbusters

  1. “Extraction” – 99-million
  2. “Bird Box” – 89-million
  3. “Spenser Confidential” – 85-million
  4. “6 Underground” – 83-million
  5. “Murder Mystery” – 73-million
  6. “The Irishman” – 64-million
  7. “Triple Frontier” – 63-million
  8. “The Wrong Missy” – 59-million
  9. “The Platform” – 56-million
  10. “The Perfect Date” – 48-million