Study Finds Eating Bread Could Help You Live Longer

Bread has a bad reputation, thanks to it being high in carbs and low in nutrients, plus, there’s the gluten that causes gut issues for some. But bread could get the rebrand it desperately needs because new research suggests the protein in certain plant-based foods - including bread and pasta - has been linked to a lower risk of dying.

For thestudy, researchers looked at data from more than 400-thousand men and women over a 16-year time frame. After crunching the numbers, they found eating more plant protein was significantly linked with lower death rates. Even after the researchers took into account different lifestyle choices that could impact participants’ health, like smoking, diabetes, and use of vitamin supplements, the plant protein resulted in a lower mortality rate from all causes, especially cardiovascular disease.

  • When study participants swapped eggs out for foods with plant protein, it led to a 24% lower risk of death in men and 21% in women.
  • And when they dropped meat from their diets, the risk dropped 13% for guys and 15% for gals.

According to the team behind the study, the results show what a huge role diet plays in our overall health and longevity. So, bring on some pasta primavera and garlic bread for dinner!

Source:Women's Health