$600 Unemployment Checks to End as Financial Worries Start to Rise Again

The $600-per-week unemployment payments that Congress approved in March are coming to an end, according to the AP. The checks are set to end next week, as Congress only approved the payments for four months, assuming the pandemic would be under control. “Now that it’s about to end, that grim and uneasy feeling is coming back and really fast,” said one unemployed worker. CNN reports that about 44 million people have filed for unemployment during the pandemic and about 20.9 million are still receiving benefits. Congress is discussing another rescue package, meaning extended unemployment payments could be in the works. “They need to buy food. These are necessities. And when you use that money for necessities they inject demand into the economy and create jobs,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about unemployed workers. The Democratic-led House has already passed a bill extending the payments until the end of January.   Read more here https://apnews.com/0f7785a3823891bbb46cf3cc5fea68ea