Bill Nye Drops The Science Of Skin Color

Bill Nyethe Science Guy is reminding his followers that "we are all one species."

Nye, took to TikTok to explain how different skin colors came about while using a map of the world. He says the closer a group of humans lives to the equator, the more ultraviolet light they take in which causes a change in skin color over time.

Nye even pointed to Africa on a map of the world telling his followers everyone descended from people who lived there. He ended the minute long video by calling on his followers to change that not everyone is treated fairly or given an "even shake" because of their skin color. He ended with “So, it’s time to change things.”

The video is viral on social media with Nye getting much praise for dropping the science facts. Fox NFL Sunday hostJay Glazercommented "I nominate Bill Nye as Earth's new life coach!"