Some Good News Regarding The Fight Against Coronavirus

There’s reason to be optimistic despite a surge in coronavirus infections:

coronavirus  Photo by CDC Getty Images.jpg

  • Dozens of vaccines are in the pipeline. Large, clinical trials on nearly 30,000 volunteers will begin next month. Provided any one of these vaccines are effective and safe, they could be made available around the New Year. This would be the fastest development of a vaccine in history.
  • Doctors have a new tool in treating COVID. Scientists cloned antibodies from recovered patients. These manufactured antibodies are an effective treatment in some people. 
  • Under development and on the horizon is a have “home pregnancy tests but for COVID-19.” Rapid results, in a matter of minutes like an EPT, would enable schools to open.

Until vaccinations are wide-spread, the best way to end this coronavirus pandemic is to never breathe the air from another human. Keeping physically distant and wearing a mask when out in public are two accepted methods. (The Washington Post)