ABQ BioPark Sells Paintings By Animals

From KOB-TV:

The ABQ BioPark Zoo has been closed for weeks, but some of the animals inside have busy raising money with their artistic talents.

Elephants, snow leopards, Komodo dragons, maggots and more are creating paintings as a form of enrichment.

Those paintings are added to theArt Gone Wild online galleryfor sale. The prices range from $25 to nearly $600.

"What we use this money for is to help buy the zookeepers the things that they need and that might be enrichment for the animals and it might be specialized training course. It might be tools that they need,” said Allyson Zahm, the development director for the New Mexico BioPark Society.

The society is trying something new this month. The goal for this month was $3,000. The society reached their goal but hope to continue raising more.