Woman Hides “Good” Chips From Husband And The Internet Responds

Nobody likes to eat a stale chip, and one woman has gone to great lengths to keep her husband from ruining her favorite crunchy snack. 

A woman recently shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that she and her husband have a favorite brand of tortilla chips, but the problem is every time her husband goes to take some he never clips the bag, which results in the rest of the chips going stale. The OP says she asked him numerous times to close the bag but he won’t comply, noting she “got tired of being 'a nag.' And tired of stale chips,” so she devised a secret plan to make sure he didn’t ruin her snack time. 

"So I started to stash a second bag of chips for me where my husband rarely looks," she shared. "My thinking was, I obviously care about freshness more than he does, so I'll make sure have a fresh stash and he can dip from the open bag."

Unfortunately, months later the hubby found her secret stash and was furious. “He then accused me of 'making him' eat stale chips," she writes. When she argued that they wouldn’t be stale if he just closed the bag he said she should close it because it’s “no big deal,” but then she shot back “well, if it's not a big deal, why don't you do it?',’ to which he claimed he was “forgetful."

The woman notes that she’ll probably find another hiding spot for her fresh chips, but wonders if actions are really all that bad, and most folks agree they are not.

  • “He's behaving like a child so you came up with a solution that is appropriate for a child," one user noted.
  • "He really had to do some astonishing mental gymnastics to arrive at the conclusion that it's your fault he's eating stale chips," another added. "Find a better hiding place for sure, at least until he grows up." 

Source:Café Mom